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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Beauty Tips : The Secret To A Sexy Smoky Eye

I found this make-up tips on how to do a Sexy Smoky Eye the easy way over this website and wanna share with you,beauty peeps.So,enjoy this gorgeous!

Start with...
•Prime eye lids from lash line to brow bone with primer.This will help your eyeshadow glide on and create long-lasting, stay true color!
•Use a light eyeshadow to highlight from lash to brow.
•Blend a medium shadow on lid, in crease and slightly past the outer corner for a soft winged effect.
•Shade and contour the outer corner and crease with a dark shadow
•Smudge the dark shadow along the top and bottom lashline.
•Coat lashes with 2-3 layers of black mascara.

Smoky Eye Do's & Don'ts:

# Do keep lips light so eyes are the focus.
# Don't overdo it.When applying dark colors, start with a little on your brush--it's easier to  add than take away!
# Do use strong shades like black, gray and dark brown. You can also create a colorful smoky eye by using deep purple, navy blue or dark green hues.

I did try this tips myself and yupe,it is not as difficult as we assumed ladies!Worth trying.And remember,PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT..always!

And yes,this is not me - pic credit to yahoo


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isabella said...

leh diketengahkan..

nohafiza said...

i klu buat smokey eyes selalu tak jadi kat area bawah mata.... nampak scary ya amat. sudahnya cancel. huhuhu

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