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My Not-So-Wordless Wednesday : Memory Remains. .

Ke hadapan my boyfriend merangkap kembar lain mak lain bapakku...James Hetfield, M soooooooo dyin' to see u n be at your concert tonigt..
But what to do..
My hubby tak kasi one..
Sobs sobs..
He said that he need to work n can't take leave...
n summore said "Tak payahla" me
Meaning XBOLE n XPAYAHla pegi..kan?
But I suspected differently.
He might be JELESla I think.
Dats y he xkasi...
Lagi2 when I said I wanna go with my bff instead.
So u see..
Thats yla I can't go.
Moral of the story,
If he is not going...i oso can't go, geddit? :( I don't. .
M so down.. :(
So heartbrokela..
Especially when I heard ur hitz songs been played over n over again by almost all radio station today..
So frustrated u know.. From teenagers time tillla now..
My "♥" to u neva fades..even da anak 2 u!
Pecaya lah! I wishhhhhhhhh we will "reunite" one day...some other day..someday..
Till then..
Tata my "♥"
Keep on ROCKIN' taw... -Signing off with lots…