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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Thanks PD!

Never EVER cross to my mind that a tiny winy sincere,'from the bottom of my heart' (read as how Britney sang the song )kinda comment on your  baby sitting's entry could attracted and channel these much of trafic (ever) to my blog!I am soooooo Happy..happy..happy!Yippie^_^

Is it because i mentioned about 'Mimpi Kita' in it??

Hmmmm..which means that your visitors (including MYself!) really eager to know,to 'kepochik' busy body(read: concern)!If there is ANYthing (repeat,anything) that relate to you WE sure gonna,wanna dig-in it!^_^ poor you

For what ever reason it may be..I (still) wish to express my deepest gratitudes,say BIG thank you dearie (somehow or rather!) and i am not ashame to confessed that I AM one of your LOYAL reader and follower!^_^ Keep on spreading LOVE and BE who you always be gal!I believed most of your readers will agree with me that by ONLY writing,and expressing your feels,thought,views and not-to-forget sharing and letting your FASHIONISTA lil 'devil' out, you do inspired ALOT of woman out there!(whether you notice like it or not!)So ROCK ON baby!We love,adore you..we do ^_^

p/s : WHYla suddenly i skepping(read:speaking)"london"(read:English)????


edlidza said...

Happy for you babe !! :)

Nina Nurziana said...

good for u darl ;)

appledia said...

Elly : Thanks babe
Nina : Usaha gigih nak jadik macam 'kamu'!Cayok^_^

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