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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Diet Cara Baru : Jom Makan COKLAT!

Sape suke makan cekelat (read:chocolate) angkat tangan kaki!Musti ramai giler yang suke..kan?Musti korang tambah suka,seronot yang amat and maybe ade yang jerit OMG 5kali kot bile aku citer yang dengan MAKAN CEKELAT korang leh KURUS!Ni bukan aku cakap ek,aku sampaikan jek..Aku kan sukena membace(lah sangat!).tenga duk membaca email(bace juge apeee)terjumpe satu study or artikel yang aku rasa BEST untuk kongsi sesama...

Aku rasa semua orang dalam dunia neh suka makan coklat kecuali bos aku..kan?Except those yang allergic to it lah.Selama neh yang aku tau,yang penanh aku baca yang selalu pun orang duk cerita is that coklat neh bagus kita makan kalo tenga2 tensi or stress.Tapi tatau plak bole tolong KURUSkan badan!MAKAN COKLAT = KURUS.Memang terbaeekla.....kan?

Just imagine..kalo semua benda yang korang perlu tau pasal weight loss,pasal nak kuruskan badan neh dah diajar mase time kindergarten lagik.Contohnya,cikgu and sekolah pun dulu2 kan ada buat program minum susu.Depa kasik kita chocolate susu as a lunchtime treat, unknowingly sebenanya that is one of the most powerful weight-loss tools in the nutritional universe!Turns out this childhood staple may be the ideal vehicle for your body’s most neglected nutritional needs.(aku kopipes artikel tuh,susah na nak teranselate!*KONON*) Bayangkanla setiap botol yang kita minum tuh, delivers a package of micro- and macronutrients that can help you shake off body flab and replace it with firm muscle.Kalo minum sejuk or served it ice-cold(PEBERET akula...kan?), the creamy sweetness flows across your tongue with all the pleasure of a milk shake.*BUAT AKU LAPA jerk!*

Itula "crux"nya or ape yang dipanggil as "The Chocolate Milk Diet",which isn’t a diet at all!Adela sangat AFDAL or mat salleh kata essential untuk ko amik three eight-ounce servings of chocolate milk consumed at key points throughout your day.Ni artikel tu kata,bukan aku kata okey.Masa terbaek untuk makan coklat neh is masa korang baru lepas bangun tido,a second before you exercise, and a third directly after your workout.Or, if it's your day off or TENGA PEMALAS TAHAP GABAN, just pattern them for morning, afternoon, and night.

MENARIK,TERTARIK tak???But,TAPI (ada tapi TAHU) is this a free ticket to eat as much fried chicken as you want throughout the rest of the day? Unfortunately not, but alongside a healthy diet,(read : KO kenala gak JAGE DIET MAKAN ko..pandai!Yang SEIMBANG tu da wajib!) it can help you drop lots of belly fat fast. Here are the four reasons why:

Secret #1: The Calcium Effect
Researchers have known for years about the role that calcium plays in building strong bones, but a more recent development deals with they way it affects your belly. A series of studies have shown that calcium can actually impede your body’s ability to absorb fat, and when researchers inNebraska analyzed five of these studies, they were able to estimate that consuming 1,000 mg more calcium can translate to losing nearly 18 pounds of flab. What’s more, other studies have shown that dairy foods offer the most readily absorbable calcium you can find. Knock back three servings of brown cow and you’ll reach that crucial 1,000 mg threshold. At that point, any other calcium that you eat or drink is a BONUS.

Secret #2: The Vitamin D Factor.
All the calcium in the world isn’t going to help you if you don’t get a good dose of vitamin D to go with it. That’s because vitamin D is responsible for moving calcium from your food to your body, which means if you’re running low on D, you’re probably also missing the calcium you need to stay slim. Other symptoms of the D deficiency are weak muscles, easily breakable bones, and depression—not a great combo for success. Now here’s why this is significant: Most experts agree that the average American isn’t getting enough D. Some estimate that only half the population is meeting the requirement and one study published in the journal Pediatrics found that 70 percent of American children had low levels of D in their diet. The thing is, your body makes vitamin D naturally when you expose your skin to sunlight, but most people spend too much time indoors to benefit. And intentionally spending more time in the sun could put you at risk for skin cancer. The solution? Drink up. Chocolate milk, like most milk, is fortified with vitamin D.
One caveat here: Drink 1% chocolate milk. Vitamin D won't work without a little fat to help break it down. You want to skip the whole milk, too, as it has too many calories to make it a regular habit. The best option is 1%, or low-fat chocolate milk. It has the fat you need to absorb crucial vitamins, yet at three cups a day, it will save you 120 calories over whole milk.

Secret #3: The Endurance Boost
If you want to lose the gut, you've got to exercise—no surprise there. But here’s a fact that’s not so obvious: Drinking chocolate milk can improve your gains. In a study published in The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, subjects given chocolate milk before hopping on the stationary bikes were able to ride 49 percent longer than subjects given a generic carbohydrate-replacement beverage.And on top of that, they pedaled even harder. Total work performed by the chocolate-milk group was greater than the work performed by subjects drinking carbohydrate-replacement drinks or electrolyte-fortified sports drinks.The reason? Milk has naturally occurring electrolytes that keep you hydrated—more hydrated then water, in fact,its natural sweetness helps push more energy into your muscles. Another study from 2009 found similar results, but it went one step further by asking participants which beverage they thought tasted better. Not surprisingly, 100% chose chocolate milk.

Secret #4: The Protein-Body-Weight Connection
Want to know the secret to staying thin?You need more muscle.That’s because muscle burns more calories than fat, so for every new muscle fiber you create, your resting metabolism receives another surge of fat-torching energy.And chocolate milk can help you do that. Researchers have determined that the ideal protein load for building muscle is 10 to 20 grams, half before and half after your workout.How much protein will you find in low-fat chocolate milk? Eight grams per cup. (That means one serving before your workout and one serving after will give you a total of 16 grams of highly effective whey protein—a perfect serving.) Add that to the extra cup you drank first thing in the morning and you’re looking at a turbocharged metabolism that keeps you burning calories all day long.

PECAYA sudah?
So....aku tak tipu kan?
Makan (minum pun bole ja) CEKELAT bole KURUSkan badan kan?
So apalagi...Jom serbu CB!^_^ 


Rachel said...

swallow's nest in an edible gel form is supposed be good for the skin too. it gives that clear and pasty skin that we all love.

it's mad expensive. my brother and i bought some for my mom for her birthday. it was like 400 bucks for like a 6-8 oz jar. Luckily we finally found the one of popular brand online (hongkong-bird-nest.50webs.com/index_e.htm and http://www.euyansang.com/)

dad said it's really popular in indonesia. that a guy has to climb a high mountain to get the nest. that's why it's so expensive.

i mean why doesn't the dude just look for the fabled korean swallow king, capture it and let it lay eggs full of gold! then, he wouldn't have to work so hard and climb them high mountains.

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