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Friday, June 04, 2010

Selepas 2tawon...

"Thank you for your email.Kindly be informed that I will be away for 2days training and will only be back to office by Friday,4th June 2010. Should there be any urgency, kindly contact my colleague,xxxxx ext:xxx" Saje jek gatai nak tayang note "out of office assistant" yang aku buh kat microsoft outlook office aku,mase aku pi training for last 2days.Yer noq,afta almost 2years duk keje kek cni barula dapat pi trenin..sian 'mak' kan?Kire seb baekla dapat plak trenin' neh "complimentary"..kalo idok...hmmm berjanggut!

Inila treninnye.Iyo.The training called "Personal Image Transformation" Ade atau idok bau2 bacang ngan transpomer..idokler teman taw.Tapi seyesly trenin neh best.Highly recomended!This interesting 2-day course was held in Holiday Villa Subang and organized by ATMALINK SDN.BHD.Wah promo free gitew!Takpela kate "Sharing is caring"..kan?

I wont say that you will totally trasnformed after attending this..It will all depends on your own effort gak..tul tak?Kalo sokmo pi anta trenin,'suap'la selonggok tips pun,hantaqla pi motivasi tu,motivasi neh.Tapi kalo memang da 'PEMALAS', "negative thinker",yang kejenye nak komplen jek bole ke ade haseel?Sendirik mo INGATla..aa!But for me(my opinionlor)SERIOUSLY this trennin' has given me so many tips that  could enhance all sort of knowlegde yang memang da sedia ader kat diri aku(opinion aku lagi)then i can apply this to become a better staff in this so called "CORPORATE  WORLD" and best of all to be BETTER me INTERNALLY,PERSONALLY. SEYES tak tipoo!But again,this will only work out if you willing to be "open enough" to ACCEPT&MAKE changeslakan?

Our trainer was an ex-senior flight attendant for MAS.
Very petite&sweetlady^_^.Besides than MAS,she has various experience in so many field of job function and industry.She also did few commercials example like tv ads tuk  MAGGI& Astro Raya 2009-Rendang Tok Wan taw!.Honestly memang sonok attend course dia,tak rase ngantuk langsung(opps!).Ade citer pasal table etiquette, correct posture,grooming,self-esteem,proper office attire & memacam g ar. One of the most exciting&fun training i've ever attended i would say.Sonok,sonok gak tapi aku tengah duk pk..bilerle lagi dapat 'chance' tuk pi trenin..nak tunggu dapat yang "complimentary" lagi???Ke kene tunggu another 2years..?
U WISHlorrr...

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