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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lately occupied with..

Latety neh,terase 24jam..sangatla tak cukop.Ader bergunung keje,melambak giler task yang nak kene buat tapi rasa suntok,pendek norr mase.
 Yepp,i agreed,i admit!Juggling your 'official' work, ultimate responsibility at the same time 'investing' 'valuable' time towards your 'passion' really requires DETERMINATION.PERSEVERE!

I choosed this.I want to do this!Takde paksaan.Purely interest yang tak berbelah bagi.Probably i need time to adjust,take time to analyze which area is lacking in order to manage my 'thing' here n executes my duty 'there' more efficiencely..


OMG.Bulk of nu stock just knockin'..cumin-in!Gotta muve.Time to stock up n update my fab2corner !Wait for the nu featuring ya!Caiyok2 to me^_^

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