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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Coffee LUVer.....

Besides than my obsession or so called "pagophagia" habit,I do LUV coffee so MUCH!
Hot coffee.....?
I only go for the ICEY one LOL!!
Mocha ice blended to be EXACT!
To tell ya frankly,my LUV on coffee emerged during my pregnancy.When i carried my lil'D last 6 years..
Yes i know.I've heard.
Coffee not good for preggy..
Dunno bout' others,but it effected me differently.
BENEFITS me instead!
Alhamdulillah..thank god for that.
Can it be, cos m "ALIEN"???? ^_*
Or "muted home sapien"??
Whatever IT maybe..
Nothing have yet managed to change my dear "LUV"

This one remain as my ULTIMATE luv in my coffee listing.. Coffee Bean Tea Leaf (CBTL),mocha ice blended with cream OFF COURSE!^_^.
Believe or not,i can have this for lunch,teatime,dinner or even breakfast!(how i wish they opened that early..)
The truth that,this "long term relationship" or so called "LUV" doesnt come cheap.
It costs me about 12bucks per cup!!
But how can you measure or compare money with "LUV"
(in this case,ITs my coffee).
You just CAN'T.
My caffein WINs obviously!
No one influenced me.
Influenced MOST of my friend to "join" me ACTUALLY
(evil mode hehehe)
I tried to control myself.
Max per day is 2CUPS and thats IT!
To be frank,"my pocket"dont really allow...sob..sob..sob.
I tried to make my version of mocha ice blended,but the taste not even CLOSE.
Doesnt taste the same!
Working in KLCC for quite sometimes and easy ACCESS to cbtl outlet does contributed to grow and "blossomed" my"LUV".
NOT my fault....^_^

After a while, i found this new "partner in crime"
So much cheaper..taste good oso!
UNCOMPARABLE to my cbtl mocha still..
This one has become my daily MORNING COFFEE
Its a MUST.
My way to start my day.
A 'jumpstart' i would say..

Recently..i tried this other varian.
Not bad..but not to my favor yet.

Few weeks back,while shopping my groceries at Jusco,i've tested this new instant 3 in 1 coffee so called "NESLO".
The girl who promoting the coffee offered me with HOT one (yes,i know..was i OUTTA my mind??No option okay,take it or leave it!) And suprisingly,it tasted good..smooth(if you are a coffee luver u'll now what i meant.)
So i bought a pack of this.A pack of 12sachets.
I'd plan to make the icey version at home afterwards.
And i did..guess what?
It sucks!
Not even close to the one that i tasted earlier.
Maybe its ONLY meant to be serve HOT..??
Does not written anyway on the packaging tho...hmmm
Afterall,my tummy doesnt agree with my new choice..
No coffee has done that to me,only this one!
3days in a row..
And thats enough sign,for me to say 'sayonara' NESLO!
Now im back to my nescafe latte as my morning coffee^_^
And the obssesion to CBTL mocha ice blended continues...
Can my "LUV" faded...??Lost in time??
Can the obsession STOP?
Only god knows... craving for one now! ^_^


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