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Friday, August 26, 2011


It is almost 3 in the morning....*sigh* 
I've been consuming CBTL mocha ice blended at 9 pm then by 12 just now, another glass of my favourite iced nescafe latte went into my system.
To stay 'alive',to keep awake..
But none.
Neither,nor any of the two do me any justice 


I felt d*mn sleepy..
Usually..on normal days if i take any of that two..m officially turned into a "batwoman"
Unfortunately today is not THE day..yet i determined!
Peservere i am!
I wanna bake my cookies tonite!
Regardsless any!
Come what may..i just dont care! 
By 11 pm i started..whisking the batter and hoping to have at least 100 pcs yummie cookies
Started kinda well...
Then goes the 2nd tray..3rd tray..into the oven and it strikes!

I dont know what went wrong.
Everything is just the same..in order as per plan.
Then again..went come to think about it
I guess it does happen..
Once...twice or maybe thrice...???

Even masterchef has his/her 'bad days'...kan?
*Cehh,ayat kaverline sungguh!*


RinsyaRyc said...

i wnt cookies... hoooo

saya_arief said...

den suke mastercheff.. mintak beskut cket.

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