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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Not-So-Wordless Wednesday : Memory Remains. .

Ke hadapan my boyfriend merangkap kembar lain mak lain bapakku...James Hetfield,
M soooooooo dyin' to see u n be at your concert tonigt..
But what to do..
My hubby tak kasi one..
Sobs sobs..
He said that he need to work n can't take leave...
n summore said "Tak payahla"..to me
Meaning XBOLE n XPAYAHla pegi..kan?
But I suspected differently.
He might be JELESla I think.
Dats y he xkasi...
Lagi2 when I said I wanna go with my bff instead.
So u see..
Thats yla I can't go.
Moral of the story,
If he is not going...i oso can't go, geddit? :(
I don't. .
M so down.. :(
So heartbrokela..
Especially when I heard ur hitz songs been played over n over again by almost all radio station today..
So frustrated u know..
From teenagers time tillla now..
My "♥" to u neva fades..even da anak 2 u!
Pecaya lah!
I wishhhhhhhhh we will "reunite" one day...some other day..someday..
Till then..
Tata my "♥"
Keep on ROCKIN' taw...
-Signing off with lots of ♥-


Siti Maryam Al Sabeer said...

Ini macam lead vocal metallica

Siti Maryam Al Sabeer said...

Lead vocal metallica

Siti Maryam Al Sabeer said...

Ini macam lead vocal metallica

cik puan apel said...

Bukan macam dik ooi.Meme pung.James Hatfield kottt

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