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Friday, December 07, 2012


Bila si apaknya melepaskan kerinduan yang amat pada si anaknya di fesbuk!


Baby for rental (refer uploaded photo of me).

Please take note i'm not looking for a baby sitter aka acik kuarters but wanna find someone 
that need me for rental purposes.

Availability - Monday to Friday 

Time: from 7am till 8pm daily
Sat & Sun - Every week end I'm not available for rental purpose due to i'm with my mom & 
usually I will meet my dad every Sunday

Requirement and T&C Apply:
1. must luv me
2. must take care of me like own son
3. must hug and kiss me every time I cry
4. must spend time 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours at noon playing with me

. The rest of time 
I just need to sleep due to i'm still baby and sleeping is good for my pembesaran.

5. Rental price : Nego : Subject to Daily, Weekly or Monthly rental duration
6. Payment Method : I'm not prefer cash but can pay me directly using toys equipment that suit with my age

Something about me:

1. My name Aufa Danish

2. I'm 2 months old

3. I'm cute and for sure i'm friendly with any one who luv me

4. My favorite Song : Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and November Rain by Gun & Roses

For further info and any enquiry can call my dad due to I just can speak in baby language & only
 my dad can undertand me better

My Motto:

 I'm born as a player & don't ever thinking about dating me or play a player like me..

Aufa Danish

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