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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When things taken for granted

For the first time you saw her
You felt something inside
You met her
You got that “electricity feel”
There is “something”. .it is hard to explain feeling... every time your eyes met hers
You found the “chemistry” in between

You dated her
Wanted to know all, everything about her
You said she makes you feel at ease, makes you feel comfortable in a way
You are falling for her
You said you love her
Wanted to be together forever

You can’t stand to be apart
You vowed, that she is the one
You pledge that she is your “other half”…
your true soul mate
Match-made in heaven

You promised to be truthful to her
You wanted to spent the rest of your life with her
You asked her to be yours…forever


She agrees
You exchanged vows
Nothing going to stand in your way from now on
You are together
She all yours

After all that…
You thought everything is good enough…
You love her; you marry her, for sure you going to take good care of her.
You said to yourself, “That’s should be enough”.

I know..
You once said, we have known each other for ages..
You know every single, every little thing about me…
about us
You are pretty damn sure that you know my favourite colour, my favourite dish, my choice of drink and
you know almost everything..about me..
What I hate….what I love…what I do…what I donts..

And I think….
You should know..
How I hated when my phone calls become missed calls because you said you didn’t hear the phone ringing…
How sad I’ be when you said you’ll return my call back but the fact that you don’t

How my heart break when you scolded me over…..nothing
How mourn I’be when you deny me....when you should not
How depressed I feel when im being blame for something that I didn’t do
How lonely I feel…even I am besides you

I DO know…
You love me
You are with me…not someone else
I should consider you
I must…I should understand


You don’t have time for me
You occupied with tonnes of work
You have many obligations
You do all these for the benefit of us
For our good living
For our future
I should understand


Have you ever thought

Who will understand… me?
Who will consider….me?


Life will always goes on...
Will continue as it always should
Along the way...
As human, we do make mistakes…
We tend to forget things that MATTER the MOST…
We tend to do things that we might regret after all..
We seldom acknowledge things…..
That surrounds us.. supposedly close to our heart
We always thought,assumed…that once there….
It will always be there…
IT will remains

BUT what IF …..
One day…a BRIGHT day…one fine day…
The ODDS…the unusual…the UNEXPECTED..
OCCURED..happened..strucked..in a splits second
IT Vanished…EVERYTHING just disappeared..

What would you say….?
How would you feel..?


*photos credit to Getty Images

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