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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Ever heard of "pagophagia",anyone???
 Still...? No idea?? Does not 'ring' anything??
No worries, in a bit i shall elaborate further.
P.A.G.O.P.H.A.G.I.A, defined by Wikipedia as a form of disorder pica involving the compulsive consumption of ICE or ICED drinks.
Still....L.O.S.T??? or CONFUSED??

Okay,try this :
In a simplier word,PAGOPHAGIA is a scientific name given to those who experienced "problem","obbession" or craving to  eating,chewing or munching ice cubes! Happy now?? :)

To be honest, to tell ya da truth,im kinda suprised as i learned that my so called "bad habit"
(most of my fren, so as my mum say so,huh!) has its own unique 'term' in medical-sciene world!!Yeah,you can say that i kinda 'proud' in away..Off course,i am.It was like "my craving-weirdo-"unhealthy" obbession which i have been 'practising' over 15 years being RECOGNISED,ACKNOWLEDGED,okay!
(minus da 'bad postings' one) 

Regardless day or night!
You name it,during breakfast,lunch,teatime,
At ALL time I CAN.
I even "munch" my icey like popcorns during movies - but at home off course!Hehehe..Sounds insane, you say?
I could'nt CARE less,sorry!:)

ICE vs "bad words or comments"....ICEY still wins!!!! Yeay :) ITs like an OBSESSION..ADDICTION(seriously!),CRAVING for ME!I just cant look at bag of ice..uh'huu TEMPTING!! :) I guess 'normal human being' wouldnt understand this "MADNESS".ONLY "alien" like myself could comprehend.I dont blame you,i wont force you to understand also.Just LET me be...hihihi :)

I was sOOo SUPRISED.I didnt know that there are SO MANY webpages,blogs,articles published,posted dedicated to this OBSESSION.Dont believed me???U dont have,just check SOME of IT:

ICE CHEWING : http://icechewing.iswhaticrave.com/
CHEW THIS OVER: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB120165510390727145.html?mod=todays_us_nonsub_page_one
ONLINE COMMUNITIES FOR EATING ICE : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chewing-Ice/73831219134 

I dont know about others but for myself,i guess this pagophagia thingy did benefit me in a way.WHENEVER i started to have flu..or start coughing i will munch,chew,eat more ICE than usual to "chase AWAY" the 'sickness' in my body system and guess what......IT WORKS!!!!At least for ME :) Sceptical??As i said earlier..for MYSELF.I wouldnt know this pagophagia thing effected others.Alhamdulillah,so far...nothing bad turned up.Kind of hard for me to get sick,maybe caused of this habit!I do think so...And i got my "medical record" to PROOF it! :)   

Be honest with me now.On a HOT sunny day.When it is Sooo heaty,it is like 100 degrees kinda hot,hot day..wouldnt you crave for a nice ICED LEMON TEA,COKE,LEMONADE or just about anything that ICEY???
Dun BLUFF i saw your *grind* face just now!


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