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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What COMPLETES me...

Nothing much....last weekend we spent our time at home.Just the two of us.
Ayah, away again.Can't complaint much when duty calls :-(
Me,transformed to full time housewife over the weekend.
As usual busy with laundry,cleaning and of course cooking! :) 

Danial on the other hand,occupied with toys,drawing, lots of cartoon time and lately he spent most of time in his room.His NEW own room - HE time.
That signs that he is growing up..i guess.Now..i always heard he says
"Ibu..danial nak main dalam bilik tau.."
Hurrrmmm..time flies,he turns 6 last 3rd March.
Few days before his birthday,Danial asked me whether can he sleep in his room on his own...It was silent for a moment for me (if you are a mum,i guess u'll understand my feeling if your only child say this to you).It was mixture feeling for me..im kinda happy that my baby boy has grown up.Wanna be independent..no longer 'needy'..but in the other,deep down inside..im afraid..not YET prepared.

There will come time,moment that eventually i will need to let go..let him "fly" away..My "encem" boy..my lil' d..my "nannyial' all grown up!He matures so much..waaay faster than his age.

                                This is Danial when he is 3.Still my cute lil' d..

Can't imagine how life is..without him.
He is my STRENGTH,purely GIFT from above.
I couldn't ask for more...


Anonymous said...

just a little note to say that ........you actually write through your feelings which is perfectly fine. Kudos blogger.

Linda Jamahuri said...

Appreciate that,thanks!

edlidza said...

so sweet la babe ...feel like crying ...hurmmmm.dun let our emotion control us ..be strong beb ...we all hv to be the strongest mom in da world n make them proud ..;)

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