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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am..

Its been awhile, since last i wrote.... 
I have plan to do this for quite sometimes, to have my own blog space:)
Been busy lately..juggling work,ME-time,my precious one and in addition my OTHER half.

Life has been rough on me..few years ago seemed unbearable,difficult..you named it.One thing for sure "been there,done that!".With god willing..faith,determination and thank god for my "impossible is nothing's will" that helped me ALOT.That pulled me through.
I managed,i SURVIVED!
ITs a new chapter from now on..

I do believed in that there will always be a silver lining..behind every clouds.

I also believe that "Determination+hardwork+faith+god willing" =
nothing is impossible!

"Perjuangan yang belum selesai"
to be continued..........


Jehan said...

Yuhooo LJ! Welcome to the blogosphere! U go gurl!:-)

edlidza said...

i like it ..:) ...

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