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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I dont know why and DONT ask me why
I JUST hate wrapping!
Be it.....present..,box,book or just about anything that needs to be wrap!
It is JUST sooooOO not my thing!
Or could i say not my.....errm STRENGHT, competency???

Actually last week,a group of Japanese people from this Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) visited my company.
They were invited here in a mission to help 'us' (my companyla) in giving n sharing their ideas on how could we move forward "effectively,effieciently".
And the best part of it is that..their so callled 'consultancy' is COST FREE!!

Back to the wrapping story just now.

Due to that..
I was called for help by one of the 'kakak' from the department involved in organising the visit...She asked me to WRAP 35 boxes of souvenir!!!
And i was like.....WHAT???
Gosh! Even 1 is like SOooo hard enough for me...
And now you want me to wrap 35???
You asked for this..
I wont be responsible if the 'souvenirs will not be souvenirs' ever again after i "touched" it..
'Mak' xmo btanggung jawab later on..hokeh!:p

But, I took  the "challenge" eventually
Caiyok2 2me hihihi :D

Here goes....... nothing!

Seriously i was damn slow in doing this!
Tryin' my BEST to fold EACH edge without crumpled IT 

I DID it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tHOUGH not that "purrr..fect"
I am very proud of myself ^_^

In fact...
I DID 7 okay!I wrapped 7 out of it my own..hihihi
The other 28 boxes was completed by my other collegues.
Lucky me.
Yet it is still..ACHIEVEMENT indeed!


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